2014 Tax Day Survey

Do you prepare your federal tax return or do you have it professionally prepared?

How many hours did you spend in 2013 preparing supporting documentation (receipt and file gathering and categorizing) for your 2013 federal income tax return?

How much money did/will you spend on professional fees (professional tax preparer, accountant, CPA, attorney) in order to submit your 2013 federal tax return?


Have you ever been audited by the IRS?

If yes, how much did you spend defending your return?


The FairTax is simple. One flat rate for all Americans on new goods and services.

The FairTax replaces all federal income taxes, while funding the federal government, including Social Security and Medicare.

The FairTax Plan defunds and disbands the IRS. The IRS has lied to the American people, abused their power, leaked confidential taxpayer information, targeted political enemies and veterans organizations, and one top official "pled the 5th Amendment" before a Congressional Oversight Hearing. It's time to eliminate one of the most obtrusive and dangerous federal agencies ever created.

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